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At Haus of Skin, we redefine skincare as a reflection of inner vitality.

Our pursuit of holistic well-being transcends conventional treatments.

We meticulously analyse lifestyle factors through an array of refined medical investigations.

From comprehensive blood tests to intricate genetic and epigenetic evaluations – we craft a bespoke portrait of your inner health, illuminating its profound connection to your radiant skin.

We curate an opulent experience dedicated to evaluating your overall well-being.

Our exclusive methods and tailored interventions invite you to transcend the ordinary, embracing a realm where health is an art form and every moment is crafted for your optimum vitality.

Dr Hamid & Dr Hussain – Visionaries at the Heart of Haus of Skin

A Shared Vision Ignites

Dr Hamid and Dr Hussain, both products of the same locale and school, united by a mutual network, shared a common goal—an unwavering commitment to holistic well-being.

Despite their varied approaches to healthcare, their alliance was forged around a shared aspiration: to create a sanctuary that transcended traditional healthcare paradigms.

The Genesis of Haus of Skin

Driven by a passion for blending cutting-edge research with real-life application, they seized an opportunity to establish Haus of Skin.

Their aim was to bridge the gap between pioneering research and its practical manifestation, crafting an enclave where science meets indulgence.

Collective Expertise

The birth of Haus of Skin wasn’t orchestrated by conglomerates but by a collective of experts who shared an intimate understanding of the founders’ vision.

Each contributor, deeply acquainted with the clinic’s essence, steered Haus of Skin towards a unified direction, embodying their shared pursuit of excellence.

Blurring the lines of traditional medicine with innovation and creativity. 

A Beacon of Innovation

Their aspiration extended beyond mere treatments; it was a quest to curate a sanctuary housing only the most exceptional, innovative therapies.

Haus of Skin stands not just as an institute of opulence but as a testament to their relentless pursuit of merging luxury and scientific precision.

Legacy of Wellness

Dr Hamid and Dr Hussain sculpted a visionary narrative—a founders’ story that epitomises a sanctuary where science meets luxury.

Haus of Skin remains their enduring legacy—a unique gem among establishments, dedicated to nurturing holistic well-being.

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