Meet The Team

Haus of Skin stands as a bastion of excellence, nurtured by luminaries in the medical and aesthetics realms

Our hallmark lies in doctor and healthcare professional-led services, ensuring that each client embarks on their journey towards rejuvenation after a meticulous and comprehensive consultation.

This commitment to personalised care epitomises our unwavering dedication to your well-being, ensuring that no treatment is administered without the bespoke guidance of our esteemed experts.

Dr Hussain

Co-Founder, GP, Lead Clinician & CQC Lead

Dr Haroon Hamid

Co-Founder, GP, Lead Clinician & Aesthetician


Dr Kiran Judge

Dentist & Lead Aesthetician


Mrs Farrah Khan

Front of House & Business Development Manager

Meet Dr Hussain, a distinguished medical luminary at Haus of Skin, whose journey weaves a rich tapestry of experiences spanning traditional medicine and holistic wellness.

As a seasoned NHS and Private GP, Dr Hussain exemplifies unwavering dedication, delivering compassionate care across diverse healthcare landscapes.

At the core of Dr Hussain’s practice lies a proactive ethos.

He meticulously tailors health and wellness packages, uniquely crafted for each individual, a manifestation of his profound belief in personalised care.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, he seamlessly integrates cutting-edge research into his treatment methodologies, utilising avant-garde interventions such as PRP, Peptides, Cryotherapy, alongside lifestyle adjustments and botanical remedies.

Drawing from his tenure as a General Practitioner within the NHS, Dr Hussain excels in translating intricate medical research into effective, tangible treatments.

This fusion of rigorous research and hands-on experience culminates in a holistic approach, harmonising internal well-being with external radiance—a philosophy that echoes the very essence of Haus of Skin.

Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Hussain’s discerning eye for design is evident.

A connoisseur of mid-century modern furniture, his artistic sensibilities infuse Haus of Skin with an air of refined elegance.

The clinic’s local furniture design, meticulously curated and thoughtfully placed, transforms it into a serene sanctuary where healing extends beyond the physical.

In every aspect of his work, Dr Hussain embodies a commitment to integrated wellness.

He demystifies complex medical narratives, empowering clients to actively engage in their health journeys.

Dr Hussain’s dedication to accessibility ensures that every individual feels seen, heard, and cared for.

More than a medical professional, Dr Hussain is a visionary, a guiding light of holistic wellness at Haus of Skin, crafting transformative experiences for all seeking rejuvenation and renewal.

Sculpting Smiles, Elevating Beauty

Dr Kiran Judge brings a vivacious blend of skill, energy and ardour to our transformative journey toward wellness.

Her background as a Cosmetic Dentist and Advanced Medical Facial Aesthetician goes beyond mere professional roles; it’s a testament to her commitment to redefining beauty and well-being. Motivated by an unwavering belief in integrated wellness that transcends surface treatments, Dr Kiran focuses on nurturing inner vitality to radiate a glow that embodies the core essence of our practice.

Behind her impressive credentials—a stellar academic journey, specialised expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry and Medical Facial Aesthetics—resides an innate drive to convert knowledge into tangible, personalised transformations for every individual seeking wellness.

Dr Kiran’s approach is more than just about treatments; it’s about simplifying complexities, empowering you on your wellness expedition, and fostering an environment where healthcare converges seamlessly with compassion—where each person’s well-being is cherished as a distinctive narrative.

Step into our sanctuary at Haus of Skin, where Dr Kiran Judge’s expertise weaves a tapestry of holistic wellness, blending science with artistry, and where feeling incredible in your own skin isn’t merely an ambition—it’s a lifestyle we aspire to cultivate together.


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