We offer 30-minute consultations with Dr Hamid or Dr Taz, where we will discuss your skincare concerns and discuss a management plan tailored to your needs. 

During your consultation, we will not just discuss skincare but will dive into overall health and wellbeing and how this affects your skincare routine.

We offer facial analysis, looking at what is occurring underneath the upper layers of your skin and how this can impact your skin in the future without proper care and attention.

Our fees are to secure a booking which is fully redeemable against any further treatment options that are purchased.

This includes our home skin care regimes that may be offered.

We ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

Fees are refundable if cancelled with 48 hours notice minimum.

If cancelled within 48 hours we can offer to rearrange your appointment.

Injectable Aesthetics

Our injectable treatments are performed by our highly trained and experienced clinical staff.

Dr Judge is our in house Aesthetics Dentist with significant experience and expertise in injectable aesthetics.

Read more about Dr Judge on our about us page!

All of our staff are Doctors or Dentists and all of your injectable treatments will be performed by Dr Judge or Dr Hamid – both highly qualified and experienced in this field.

As a doctor led clinic, we have full insurance and emergency protocols designed to keep you safe.

Should you have any issues out of clinic hours we are always countable for advice. 


This varies with each treatment.

During your in depth consultation and pre-procedure consent, we will discuss this with you.

We offer these treatments to anyone over 18.

We always start with a consultation to understand your skincare needs and will always look to tailor a treatment plan according to your needs.

Yes! Many of our treatment modalities work excellently in combination!

This is something we will discuss during a consultation.

Bespoke Facials

Our facials combine high end medical grade skincare products with state of the art machinery to deliver the best effects.

Our facials include a skin analysis as complimentary as part of the process to better understand your skincare needs. 

Our facials also involve LED light therapy to maximise benefits and effects.

Our facials with a consultation, facial analysis, treatment, LED light therapy and aftercare advice.

This process takes approximately 90 minutes.

Express facials are also available which last 45-60 minutes.

The products we use are a combination of Obagi, Alumier, Calecium and Fillmed medical grade products as well as machine based treatment modalities to maximise the benefits of these products.

Yes! Our facials come with a bespoke aftercare post treatment box which includes a one month supply of essential skincare products that can be seamlessly incorporated into your current regime.

Advice on these products will be given during your appointment.

Our bespoke post care treatment boxes, designed by Emily J Traynor are limited edition and come with a 1 of 100 limited edition print.

Our facials are designed for all skin types and ages.

We can tailor and adjust our treatment packages for anyone based on your consultation and skin analysis.

Our facials are luxury treatments and are designed to be standalone treatments as well as part of your wider skincare journey.

Sofwave Non-Surgical Lift

Sofwave is a face and neck lift, designed to tighten loose skin by providing up to a 4mm lift.

This treatment stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, providing the structure for further treatments.

Sofwave is suitable for all! This treatment can treat any loose or crepey skin, hooded eyelids, provide an eyebrow lift, treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and jawline contouring. 

The treatment is not limited to the face and neck.

It can be used anywhere on the body where there may be loose skin.

Sofwave can be a moderately painful procedure.

It works by providing heat to the deeper layers of the skin which induce collagen and elastin synthesis.

We provide a very highly potent topical anaesthetic to numb this pain.

Any pain is short lived and resolves almost immediately post procedure.

The benefits of sofwave are numerous! No redness, no downtime, and just one treatment needed with almost immediate results.

Eyebrow lift can be achieved immediately, with further effects over the face being seen over 6-8 weeks.

Usually just one treatment is needed! The effects last up to 2 years, with most just needing one treatment.

Further treatments can be offered based on degree of lift and tightening needed. 

Whilst post treatment care is not needed, we offer a range of treatments as part of a wider package to help improve the effects and make them last longer. 

We offer microcurrent facials, RF treatment, skin boosters, Polynucleotides with RF Microneedling, dermal fillers, Botox – all of which have excellent results with sofwave treatment.

We also provide targeted at home skincare treatments for the face and neck, with a one month supply provided.

Skin Rejuvenation

These treatments are an excellent starting point for many skincare journeys.

A chemical peel is an excellent starting point, providing the basis for further and more targeted skincare treatments. 

Skin rejuvenation can also be used to target specific skincare concerns such as pigmentation, acne scarring, rosacea and many other common skincare concerns.

Many of these treatments are offered as part of a wider package and part of your longer skin care journeys.

Our doctors will go through this during your consultation and provide the right advice for which treatment would be best suited.

Many of these treatments will cause some redness.

We have a bespoke post care treatment protocol utelising stem cell treatments to not only maximise benefits but also reduce redness by up to 50%!

This is also a at home post care treatment to help enhance the healing process.

We provide bespoke post care treatment aimed at protecting the skin, providing hydration and reducing redness.

We advise to not use any retinols or active skincare treatments 7 days prior and post treatment.

We often recommended packages of 3 to 6 treatments based on your needs and skincare journey.

At Haus of Skin we are here to guide you and hold your hand through this process.

Skincare & Cosmetics

We have found that these brands are the best on the market currently.

These are medical grade products and have the right active ingredients to target specific skincare concerns.

This is where our clinical expertise comes to the forefront!

We will make and provide a bespoke morning and evening skincare plan, integrating our products and recommendations with your current regime so your current products do not go to waste! 

We will always advise and provide our clinical advice where needed, whilst also following up with skin analysis to visualise your progression!

Yes! We often combine the best products from different brands, whilst also creating bespoke packages for different skincare concerns.

We have online portals with exclusive Haus of Skin discounts where you can have repeat orders and products delivered to your doorstep!

Our discount codes allows for us to compete with online retailers, whilst also being able to provide the convenience of having items delivered to your doorstep.

We stock certain products we feel almost everyone should leave with and form the core of many of our post care treatment boxes, but we encourage use of our online portal for the best pricing and consistency.

Hair Treatments

We offer the latest, state of the art hair rejuvenation treatment options, based on PRP, Microneedling and Stem Cell Therapy.

Studies and scientific research has shown the stem cell therapy to have been highly effective and producing excellent results in only 6 -12 weeks!

This is based on the degree of hair loss you have and the level of past care home treatment you desire!

Not at all! We have multiple options for post care.

Whilst we always recommend a microneedling and stem cell session in clinic, post care can be done at home or more microneedling sessions can be offered. 

This would be discussed during the consultation.

We offer a full range of hair removal services for men and women using a state of the art 4 wavelength laser providing instant cooling to help reduce any pain or post treatment redness.


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