Concierge Biohacking & Lifestyle

Biohacking and lifestyle interventions are what sets us apart here at Haus of Skin.

We are committed to providing ongoing care and attention, not just a singular contact with clients.

All of our treatment offerings are interchangeable and complement each other.

Biohacking can be a tricky field and an overwhelming area – we are here to take the jargon away, simply the tips and tricks to living a healthier lifestyle and provide ongoing care.

As part of our commitment to this, we are able to create entirely bespoke packages for clients, delivered at your convenience, and location of your choosing.

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Concierge biohacking

Packages include, but not limited to:

Exclusive Longevity Package

Our premium, executive longevity package is an entirely bespoke and unique package tailored to delivering all of the essential components we believe are vital in achieving an increased healthspan. 

Based on the latest and up to date research into this field, we are able to create a bespoke treatment room in your own home, with a range of devices that we feel should be used on a regular basis.

Our team will consult with you about your needs, perform a range of assessments and not only create a unique protocol utelising all of the various aspects of our treatment portfolio, but also arrange for a spa-like treatment room to be installed in your own home.

This will be equipped with state of the art machinery and technology, all proven to help increase your healthspan.

Not only will we equip your home with everything you need to achieve optimum health, a dedicated clinical staff member will be tending to your healthcare needs, administering treatments as well as being your point of contact 24/7, 360 days per year.

Regular IV Infusions

We strongly believe in the power of our infusions, not as a one hit wonder, but as a regular treatment protocol, with a focus on a range of body systems to maximise its effects.

In order to facilitate this, we can arrange a bespoke IV infusion and longevity package, providing a range of services on a monthly basis – with in clinic and at home options.

Regular Diagnostics & Health Monitoring

Diagnostics forms the core of all of our biohacking protocols. Knowing what is happening within your body is the most vital step to becoming a better version of yourself.

Not only does diagnostics help us to correct and optimise any abnormalities, but regular testing allows us to create trends and detect early signs of new abnormalities forming.

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