Biohacking & Longevity

Explore the transformative possibilities of our Longevity Packages at Haus of Skin, designed to elevate your vitality and well-being

These meticulously crafted packages offer a holistic approach, providing an in-depth understanding of your health status and addressing your unique needs for enduring health and vigor.

Key Inclusions in our Longevity packages includes:

Thorough Diagnostics

Utilising cutting-edge diagnostic tools, including genetic testing, biological age assessments, and personalised blood panels, we delve deep into your health status.

Regular ongoing monitoring ensures a dynamic understanding of your well-being.

IV and Treatment Protocols

Experience rejuvenating IV infusions and Intramuscular (IM) injections tailored to enhance your overall health and promote longevity.

Our protocols are designed to optimise essential nutrient levels and boost your body’s natural defenses.

State-of-the-Art Treatments

Immerse yourself in treatments with proven longevity effects, meticulously chosen to elevate your well-being.

From ozone therapy to advanced facial aesthetics, our offerings are backed by scientific research for enduring results.

High-Quality Supplements

In collaboration with “Do Not Age,” our curated supplement range delivers high doses of longevity-focused nutrients.

Rooted in top-tier research and purity, these supplements are endorsed by leading academic and scientific researchers – the perfect take home accompaniment to our longevity protocol.

More info on this range can be found on our shop.

Immunity Booster

Welcome to our Immunity Booster IV—the pinnacle of fortification and defense.

This specialised blend, meticulously formulated, stands as a bastion for bolstering your body’s immune system—an elixir crafted to enhance resilience and vitality. 

Containing the vital elements to help your body stave off infections and keep you functioning at the best you can be.

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An example of one of our longevity packages can include
  • Initial consultation
  • Baseline thorough Diagnostics – Blood sampling, food intolerance testing, genetic testing, biological age
  • Deep dive into results from baseline diagnostics
  • Dermal analysis and consultation
  • Bespoke skincare treatment plan
  • Bespoke medical treatment plans and lifestyle interventions based on results
  • IV infusion & IM Booster protocol
  • Monthly supplements
  • Further ongoing diagnostics and monitoring

Each of our longevity packages are tailored individually, taking into account availability, time, budget and long term goals.

Our longevity packages are also offered as a concierge service, allowing us to come to you at your convenience.

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If you or your child require medical help for a life-threatening emergency you must call 999 and request an ambulance or attend your nearest A&E department immediately.


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