Embark on a sublime odyssey into the realm of radiant skin at Haus of Skin, where the alchemy of beauty is perfected through an exclusive selection of opulent medical-grade skincare brands.

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At Haus of Skin, we transcend ordinary beauty standards by curating the finest selections from renowned medical grade skincare brands.

Our commitment is to make the epitome of skincare excellence accessible to everyone.

Embracing the philosophy that quality skincare is a universal right, we craft bespoke plans tailored to you.

Navigating the world of luxury skincare should be an effortless experience, and at Haus of Skin, we make it just that. Our commitment extends to ensuring the seamless availability of these exceptional products.

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Renowned for its transformative capabilities, Obagi stands as a pioneer in medical-grade skincare.

With a legacy of clinically tested and proven products, Obagi offers high-potency formulations that go beyond conventional skincare, re-invigorating your routine for visible and lasting effects.

From pre-treatment preparation to post-care, Obagi’s bespoke packages cater to a spectrum of skin conditions and types, promising a radiant and glowing complexion.


Crafted with precision, Alumier redefines skincare with its clinically tested formulations.

With quantities of active components that truly make an impact, Alumier products are tailored to address a myriad of skin concerns.

From enhancing the results of in-clinic treatments to daily skincare rituals, Alumier stands as a testament to skincare excellence, ensuring your journey to radiant skin is both effective and indulgent.


Step into the realm of innovation with Calecim, a cutting-edge range of stem cell-based skincare and hair care products.

Leveraging the regenerative potential of stem cells, Calecim products have garnered acclaim for producing excellent results.

With our medical background, we unlock the full potential of Calecim, offering bespoke post-care treatment plans that cater to your unique needs.

Revolutionise your skincare routine with the transformative power of Calecim, where science meets luxury.

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