Medical Services

As part of our commitment to providing exclusive, around the clock care for our clients, we offer all of our medical services as a concierge package.

We can offer private GP consultations in the comfort of your own home, either during working hours or as an out of hours service. 

Alongside this, we can perform any and all of our extensive range of diagnostic tests, whilst some of our tests can be posted for completion at your own convenience alongside instructions.

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Medical CONCIERGE services include, and not limited to:

Private GP Services

Offering telephone, video and face to face consultations with one of our GPs around the clock.

Should you be in urgent need of medical advice please contact 111 or 999 if your usual GP is closed.

We can offer consultations for non urgent medical concerns at any time and would be happy to consult and advise.


Our association with Victoria Pharmacy in Westminster and a host of online pharmacies, we can arrange for delivery of medications anywhere within the UK.

Should you require urgent medication please get in touch with our team and we will do our best to facilitate and advise.


Our full range of diagnostic services are available as part of our concierge package.

We can perform any and all of our diagnostics at your convenience.

Our associated laboratories offer at home phlebotomy services, whilst some of our tests can be posted with instructions for completion at your own convenience.

Alternatively, one of our esteemed clinical practitioners can administer these tests for you.

Investigative reviews

Reviewing any investigations is the most important aspect of diagnostics.

Our unique deep dive allows us to delve into the intricacies of your biochemistry, genetics, food intolerance or any other test we may perform.

We understand this can be a lengthy process, and potentially with a lot of action points.

Whilst we will send a summary of results to you, we will always aim to have a discussion with each client about their results – this we can do at your convenience – either in person, at your home or over video conferencing.

Family Packages

The traditional role of the family GP has slowly been lost – with the structure of the NHS and pressures it faces, the chances of seeing the same person repeatedly is unlikely.

Due to this, the personal touch of a family physician who has seen a family grow, has slowly become lost.

We believe there is a significant loss with this, and we are keen to bring back the role of a traditional GP – offering bespoke family GP packages, where we can monitor and be the point of contact for your whole family.

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